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Jun 22, 2020
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Punishment: Warning or Forums Ban

This tends to be annoying and sometimes disorienting to players who have posted on the thread and already moved on.

Posting on a thread 14 days (2 weeks) after the last reply was made.


Punishment: Warning or Forums Ban

This tends to spam player notifications with posts that don’t contribute anything to the conversation.

Posting a reply that contains approximately 5 words or less is not allowed.
Examples include: “lol” “xD” “I agree” “yes” “+1” etc.
Double Posting

Punishment: Warning or Forums Ban

This tends to spam player notifications with rather useless posts.

Posting several posts, one after another, instead of editing the original post. This includes comments.

Thread Spamming

Punishment: Warning or Forums Ban

This clogs up the database and makes it difficult to see threads that actually matter.

Making several threads that all have the same purpose.

Word/Character Spam

Punishment: Warning or Forums Ban

This serves no purpose other than annoying everyone else with alerts on.

Filling a post up with repeated symbols, characters, words, or sentences may be punishable.

Spamming Staff Members

Punishment: Temporary/Permanent Forums Ban

Staff members generally have their hands busy, and will generally get to your issue regardless. Spamming them does nothing but irritate them.

Posting multiple messages tagging staff members or on staff member profiles in an attempt to get their attention. This also includes creating conversations.

Message Farming

Punishment: Temporary/Permanent Forums Ban

Intentionally disregarding the rules may mean a harsher punishment.

Consistently breaking forums rules for the sake of getting closer to the top of the "Notable Members" section will result in a forums ban.

Plagiarism on a Staff Application

Punishment: Permanent Denial of Application

No major institution allows plagiarism.

Copying any aspect of someone else’s application and claiming it as your own.
This has also been written on the staff application template.
False Reports or Forged Information

Punishment: Temporary/Permanent Forums Ban

Creating fake reports with the intention to have one punished for actions not committed.
Creating a fraudulent payment issue report in the effort to gain purchased goods/perks without actually paying money.
Creating/forging false evidence used in a report.
Creating reports that lack credible evidence of an offense being committed, with the intention to harass a player or staff member.
Things to note:

Witness testimony on its own is not substantial evidence on this server.
Distribution of child pornography will result in all log excerpts, pictures, and other related evidence sent to local law enforcement.
Use of our copyrighted images, art assets, and/or text excerpts will result in a DMCA report filed against the abuse mailbox of the hosting provider as well as you personally.
Posting rude, explicit, pornographic, offensive, bigotry, racist, homophobic, private or prejudiced information will result in offending accounts being permanently banned from the PlexCraft Forums.
Using our website for illegal purposes will result in your account being banned, and the appropriate authorities being informed.
Punishments may vary at the staffs’ discretion. Increasing punishments may have varying times depending on severity of rule broken. Punishments for different offenses can be stacked onto each other.

You may not appeal for temporary bans of 1 day or less without valid proof to counter the punishment. If appealing for a temporary ban longer than 7 days, please provide as much proof as possible. Always put as much effort as possible into appeals. If possible, provide recordings or screenshots. You may appeal for temporary bans that are 3 days or less depending on scenario. Your punishment may either be revoked or reduced.
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